Where They Are

Performed by Hohner Porter, Jimmy Stagnitti, and Ancel Neeley

Duration – 22′-25′

Written – 2019 (Revised – 2020)

for Piano and 2 Percussion (2 Glockenspiels, 2 Triangles, 2 Vibraphones, Ship’s Bell/Resonant Metal Eb, Bass Drum, 2 Maracas, 2 Nipple Gongs Gb and F)

Influences – Alan Hankers, Karalyn Schubring, Joseph Schwantner, and Sylvan Talavera


“Where They Are” was written for the 2019 Yarn/Wire Summer Institute and was premiered on June 30th 2019 by Alexandra LaMastra, Anthony DeMartinis and Ian Antonio.

The piece attempts to capture the various states in which relationships of any kind (familial, amorous, collegial) can exist. Focusing particularly on distance and intimacy, the piece is broken into 4 movements as follows,

I. Far (Far away yet intimate)

II. Close (Close together and intimate)

III. Hidden (Close together yet detached)

IV. Gone (Far away and detached)

The piece involves the 2 percussionists in a particular staging process that attempts to visually demonstrate these ideas. The percussionists move from movement to movement as the piano stays dormant, acting as a conduit between the two.