Unity and…

MIDI Realization

Duration – 10′

Written – 2020

for Open Wind Trio


Written for any three wind instruments that can perform the intentionally confined pitch material within each part. Originally I had written the piece with Oboe, Clarinet, and Horn in mind but felt the possibilities more open as I continued writing.

This piece is a simple study on the unity between three parallel voices and the subsequent ideas, interpretations and inspirations that follow. I wrote this piece with the intention to diverge from the concept of unity in ways that both embrace and oppose previous material. I certainly have felt a cynicism for the idea of total unity but also a hope that I find very important. This piece is abnormal for me in a sense that it had been a really long time since I had written a piece with only notes. Of which I had also been told by my composition professor. I found it very charming to say the least to be satisfied with “only the notes” of this piece and I certainly worked to pick some great notes. This is the first of a set of open wind trio compositions I have been writing since winter 2020. In some way, I hope unity can be heard, felt, and understood through this particular composition.