Through Silver Moonlight

Duration – 5′

Written – 2017

for String Quartet

Influences – Marti Epstein, Andrew Norman, and Maurice Ravel


Premiered by the Videri String Quartet as a part of the 2017 Boston Conservatory High School Composition Intensive.

I’ve always had a strange relationship with the titles of my pieces as most of them are never considered until after the entire piece has been written. For Through Silver Moonlight, this was the case. I had completed the entire piece and now had the responsibility of giving it a name. Of course I was hesitant to settle for “String Quartet No. 1” so I took to poetry to find inspiration. What came from this was a series of words that I strung together. Each I felt had captured the essence of a part of the piece. The essence being a combination of playfulness , darkness, and nostalgia. I feel very strongly that Through Silver Moonlight was the best choice for this piece.