Duration – 9′

Written – 2020

for Open Percussion Quintet


I had this project stuck in the back of my unfinished Logic files for quite some time and over the course of the fall I felt inspired to bring it back to life. The piece itself is based on a few basic principles of poly-meter and poly-rhythm. One keyboard is linked to one drumset and the other keyboard is linked to the other drumset. When the rhythms diverge into separate bases (4 and 5 or 6 and 7 for example), melodies and grooves emerge. This gave me plenty of joy to create and perform and I hope the same for whoever is listening. The title came after I had completed everything, including the video. I ended up sticking with “Flutter” because of the simplicity and movement tied to the verb. More than anything I wanted to encapsulate some sort of excitement that I got from this piece in the title, and flutter was my best way of describing it.