Bigger Than Myself

MIDI Realization

Duration – 11′

Written – 2020

for Piano and Vibraphone/Glockenspiel


I wrote this piece with a fear in mind. Although more and more it has become less of a fear and more of an unease, I have always been taken aback by things bigger than myself. I am sure this is relatable to plenty others. I approached this piece by writing within the framework of a standard literary hero’s journey. The idea of something bigger than oneself made sense in this context in a way that wasn’t fearful for me anymore and was instead whimsical and captivating. A main character who is doing good for the sake of good and fending off evils or wrongs that are quite bigger than themself is quite the typical story. I felt as though this piece made complete sense to me every new note I wrote in a way that indeed felt bigger than just me but yet still comfortable and I hope others see the comfort in the music as much as I have.