Discordant ft. Mercer Patterson
Speak Sincerely MIDI Realization
Fixate performed by the University of Michigan Concert Band
63 Across 81 Down performed by Cameron Leach
Dealt performed by Ancel Neeley
Bigger Than Myself MIDI Realization
Listen Closely performed by Xenia St. Charles Gilbert, Sylvan Talavera, and Ancel Neeley
after a while, the plant grew just fine for piano/open instrumentation septet
Where They Are performed by Anthony DeMartinis, Alexandra LaMastra and Ian Antonio
Through Silver Moonlight performed by Dr. Gregory Maytan, Lalia Mangione, Paul Swantek, and Dr. Pablo Mahave-Veglia
Push//Pull performed by Sylvan Talavera and Ancel Neeley
Askew performed by Ancel Neeley, Russell Shellberg, and Tanner Herald